Morning Light

“Every winner is a beginner” – Coach Kozak

I was working out at home the other day and although I had heard my online coach say this before, this particular morning the quote stuck with me for better part of the day.  Then I realized that it was a perfect topic for this blog post. 

As I embarked on this journey of learning the history, concepts, rules, and skills of photography, I very quickly realized that my new fancy camera would not just automatically produce great photos for me. Just like nursing, there is an art and science to photography.

The introduction DSLR class I took at the local community art center, taught the basic theory of photography and DSLR cameras. Topics such as the exposure triangle: ISO, aperture & shutter speed and how these are adjusted to achieve creative and focused images. The mode dial on the camera: Auto, P- program, S-shutter speed, A- aperture priority, M- manual allow for different kind of control over how you take a photo. The rule of thirds and how it is used to create more interesting images. The concepts of composition and light give the image that wow factor or the emotional response we often get from certain pictures. This type of class is a great way to introduce yourself to your camera and learn basic concepts. One way to get started is to look in your community for classes on art or check out colleges that have these introductory courses on photography. 

Often times there is a tendency to bypass most of the hard work needed to be a winner. That is, it is not the camera gear that produces great images. Rather it is the hard work of learning the various elements and (as my mentor would say) deliberate practice is a way  we become winners at photography. We all have to start somewhere and with a commitment to purposeful practice we can increasingly become better photographers.

Oh, and if you ever need a good workout at home, look up  Coach Kozak will surely give you a challenging routine!

So, how did you get started on your own creative journey? Please share your story or any tips on how to get started in photography.