Winter in Minnewaska State Park. 2017

Photography in winter is quite magical. However, in order to have such an experience, one must be properly prepared. That is, remembering to dress appropriately and having some essential items with you.

Depending on how far you have to hike to get to your photo spots, having the proper clothing will make for a happy adventure. Along with the right coat, having an extra dry wool or synthetic shirt to change into once you get to your destination will keep you warm during your shoot. Do not forget a hat/beanie. Did you know that 90% of your heat escapes from your head? So, scarf and hat will keep you plenty warm.

The other key thing to have are spikes, Kahtoola Micro Spikes, for your shoes! I bought mine the day before this hike and let me tell you, they worked beautifully. There were plenty of spots that could have been problematic, but, I was able to get around with no issues due to these spikes. Good shoes, wool socks, and spikes must be on your list.

I love cold weather, but I do not like to feel miserable in the cold. So, I always bring gloves and hand warmers. I learned about these when I was introduced to skiing, but, they work just as well for photography or ice climbing (another favorite winter sport) in winter .

When doing any activity in winter, many of us forget about staying hydrated. Solids and liquids are just as important, if not more important to remember to bring along with you. Water is always a good idea but make sure your bottle is insulated to keep from freezing. Something warm like a ginger/honey/lemon tea is a great treat once you’ve reached your destination. Having a snack (carbohydrate & fats) will help give you immediate energy and sustained energy which keep you warm as well. Good options are apple slices & nut butter (peanut, almond or macadamia), nut butter & honey sandwich, trail mix with nuts and dried fruit or cheese & crackers. 

These are some things to add to your customary list of equipment needed for a hike and landscape photography in winter.

What are some of your secrets for staying warm during winter activities?