Camera Gear

Supportive Gear can be essential. As my mentor routinely reminds me, “where’s the tripod Martha?” If you want tack sharp images, a tripod is a key component to that equation. For instance, in landscape photography because you tend to use a smaller aperture, less light reaches the sensor which then means that your shutter speed slows down to allow light to enter the camera. A secured tripod keeps your camera more stable and less likely to have camera shake, than when hand holding to take a photo.

Tripod. Induro CT114 Carbon Fiber and the BHL 1 ball head.

So far, I have been happy with this tripod. It is very light at 2.8 lbs. with a load capacity of 17.6 lbs., so it can handle quite a big load. I have not come close to it’s capacity, so this should last for quite some time. This particular model is no longer available, but Induro has put out a similar tripod, CLT104 Classic Series 1, that has an even greater load capacity but still only weighs 2.9lbs – that is indeed a nice tripod.

The BHL 1 ball head is a fine ball head. However, I do have delay time with attachment and removal of the camera onto the tripod. I might prefer a quick release lever clamp, so I am in search of a new ball head.

Filters. Lee Filter System 100mm. For landscape photography, filters and polarizers can transform a nice photo into a brilliantly nice image.

Polarizers can saturate colors of the sky, flowers, nature or urban scapes, etc.. They can make clouds pop a bit more or reduce haze in your images. Polarizers are also great for reducing unwanted reflections in water or glass and reduce the glare on wet leaves or rocks.

Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters are used when the sky is brighter than the foreground. Gradation changes from a darker top to clearing on the lower part of the filter. This helps balance the brighter upper portions of your photo with the darker lower portion of the image.

Post processing software has come a long way and so these filters may not be as important. However, when I was first learning about photography, the one thing that has stuck with me is, “always try to get it right inside the camera.” So, I still use these filters.

Other Essential Gear

Cleaning supplies

Remote shutter release. Canon TC-80N3 Intervalometer – for long exposure and to avoid camera shake.

Head Lamp. Petzl Tikka XP– Offers a red light which preserves your night vision for night photography.

Memory Cards. Lexar Professional SD 16 & 32 GB. These cards are stored in Think Tank Card Carrier

Extra batteries for both camera systems

Bubble level. Vello Two-Axis Hot Shoe

Computer. 2011 Macbook Pro Laptop– I take this for backing up and editing on my travels.

Back Up Storage. WD My Passport Ultra – Used to back up SD memory cards.

Post Processing Software. Lightroom CC

Now, let’s look at which camera bag I prefer for travel and in the field.