Greetings all…

These past few months have flown by… They have been filled with life, travel, and photography…. I finally have time to sit down and communicate about what has been going on and share what I have learned… March was a flash of a month with a quick business trip to Milan, Italy. Home of fashion, history, great food, lovely people, and street photography.

I have been to Italy before, but this was my first visit to Milan, and I will be back. As my trip was so short, I wanted to make the most of my few days, so I decided to hire a photography guide. After asking questions and looking at reviews, I contacted Milan Photo Tour and met up with Andrea. His english was fantastic, his knowledge of the city was intimate and he was very happy to help with photography techniques and pointers. 

Here are some of the tips he shared with me:

  • Always look beyond what is in front of you.
  • You will never know what treasures await you if you open your eyes and look around. Be more creative by exploring an area a bit further by looking into open doors and windows, gated patios and alley ways.
  • Look deeper into the scene, there is always more to be seen if you are patient and take your time.
  • In typical Italian fashion he suggests to just relax and take in the culture, drink wine, and eat local food.

Milan is a great blend of deep history and modern life. It was truly fascinating! There are classical sculptures and statues everywhere and then you see murals, graffiti and mosaic walls around the corner. Modern buildings are juxtaposed against the gothic architecture of basilicas and churches. There is no question that inspiration can be inhaled as breath and as the cool wind ushers you along the streets of Milan, you feel that creative spirit dancing around you.

Here is a sample of my walk around the city of Milan:

Locals & tourists enjoying the Piazza del Duomo and its Gothic Cathedral Church of Milan. 2017

 View toward modern Milano from the terrace of the Duomo di Milano. 2017

Piazza della Scala- Statue of Leonardo da Vinci & his pupils. 2017

Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan founded by Maria Theresa of Austria in 1776.

Ornate Private Patio in Milan. 2017

Artistic Tombs & Sculptures in Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. 2017

Artistic Tombs & Sculptures- Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. 2017

Artistic mosaic wall- Navigli District Milan. 2017

Reflective look from the mosaic wall finds tender moment- Navigli District Milan. 2017

Open doors along the streets of Milan. 2017

Camparino cafe bar for social hour-Aperitif. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II-2017

Locals at a neighborhood macelleria in Milan. 2017