My First Prints

A new challenge and exiting news that I want to share with you this month. I am learning the art of printing my own work. 

Although, I knew I would incorporate the printing process at some point. I did not appreciate how much of a role printing can play in my growth and development as a creative. I came to this realization last year when I attended a printing workshop.

I was delighted to learn that this skill could in fact help me further improve my photography techniques. Although initially scary to turn on the printer and load the paper, I realized a few benefits of printing my photos at home.

There is this certain kind of magic that happens when you hold a print, especially a photo that you worked hard to get. It feels very distinctive and transfers a totally different experience than simply looking at my photos on the computer, phone or tablet. 

In addition, printing helps me analyze my images to see what areas I need to work on next time I go out to shoot. For instance, do I need to improve on seeing the light differently, improve the focus, work on compositional elements, or capture more of the details or mood in my photos?

When I print my work, it is almost like they come to life in a sense. The photos become a piece of something I have captured with the camera first and realized into something tangible through printing. Being able to share my prints or hang my own artwork at home truly gives me tremendous satisfaction.

I also realized that printing is a great way to document my journey as a photographer and visual story teller. It is one thing to keep files in a digital storage but I now recognize that having prints allows me to feel my progress in a more organic fashion.

As previously mentioned, I attended a truly awesome printing workshop last year and learned so much about printing. Now, that workshop – PrintMaker Masterclass – is available as an online course. For me, it makes sense to invest more time with this workshop and use it as a tool to become more proficient as a photographer but also as a “Master Print Maker” for my work. This comprehensive workshop will take me through the entire process of what is needed to make a fine art print. 

What I really like about this course so far, is how much detail and insight is shared about how and why to print your own. It is so exciting to know, I too, can absolutely print fine art photographs from home. I highly recommend this course if you have any interest in printing your own work.

After reflecting on this blog, it has occurred to me:

The more I learn, the more I do, the more my proficiency develops and the greater my confidence grows … to do what I love >>> photograph the world I see ~

Have you any experience with printing your own work? What new projects are you working on or plan to do this Spring? Please share in the comments below ~