” Rocks at Bubbles” Acadia National Park, Maine

Welcome to my blog. Exciting times for me as I gain momentum to launch this blog and website about my photography and creative journey. I will not go into all the details about myself as there is a separate page with all that information, so in case you have not read the page and would like to know more, just click here. Briefly though, I have decided to take some of my skills as a nurse and pursue my passion of photography.

What was that? Nurse to photographer?

Ok, so not unheard of to change direction in life and do something completely different than perhaps your training or education prepared you to do. Especially in today’s world of reinventing yourself either dictated by circumstances or because it was just time to do something different.

So what nursing skills translate to photography? Well, perhaps my abilities for compassion, understanding, and sensitivity to what I see in front of me. These skills provide for a personal connection that help create a visual story with the camera.

My hope is to create images that bring a bit of curiosity, meaning, enjoyment, and inspiration to you as so many of the great photographers and painters of the past have done for today’s artists. In doing so, I will share insights of how I approach the making of an image, sources of inspiration, and any other information that can help you in your creative process.

What is your story? How did you go from that to photography or any creative path?